Study Banking

Study Banking – Apply the Principles of Financial Management to the Sector

Being able to operate in the increasingly competitive world of financial markets is a very impressive string to your bow. Certainly employers in this employment sector demand a level of graduates who are capable of analysing and solving complex issues in banking and finance. This can only be achieved by choosing to study banking and learning the principles of financial management.

An undergraduate banking degree gives students a sound academic and practical knowledge and understanding of the markets along with a focused awareness of commercial issues. Entry requirements for such a course vary depending on the reputation of the teaching institution. London’s business schools generally set higher entry requirements due to its connections with the City of London and the influential business and financial district.

Nevertheless, to stand the best chance of pursuing a banking career, students should push hard to gain entrance into London business schools as they are directly aligned with business and financial career aspirations.

Generally London business schools proved a limited number of scholarships for new intake, awarded on the basis of academic merit. This can be a significant financial help towards tuition fees leaving you with more money to spend on living costs.

In terms of networking and building strong working relationships many business institutions run a society that provides students with an opportunity to develop their skills, confidence and knowledge through activities including social events and guest speakers.

Students who study banking will experience a course that is incredibly diverse, with undergraduates hailing from all four corners of the globe. This is extremely useful for future careers as it helps scholars to identify with others and to put aside cultural differences to work together.

Financial District

Financial District – The Business Heart of San Francisco

As the central business district of San Francisco, the Financial District is quite literally packed with corporations and other businesses. Dominated by high rise towers the entire area is quite imposing in its appearance. Institutions that can be found here include law firms, corporate headquarters, banks and other financial institutions. A score of noteworthy buildings are located here including the corporate headquarters of Wells Fargo Bank, VISA, Union Bank of California and the United States Federal Reserve.

While there is a strong emphasis on the business world, this destination still has certain elements to offer the leisure traveler as well. A trip to the traditional heart of the district, Montgomery Street will yield a variety of malls that are perfect for shoppers.

Malls that can be found here include the Ferry Building, Crocker Gallery and the Embarcadero which collectively offer an incredible range of items that is sure to satisfy even the most ardent of shoppers. Additionally a host of events take place across the malls that mark special occasions and usually feature discounts and other promotions.

Visitors will also find parks in the area that help break up the highly urbanized nature of this destination. Parks are perfect for taking a relaxing stroll.

A notable structure located here is the San Francisco Ferry building which serves a terminal for ferries traversing the bay. One of the most striking features of the structure is the immense clock tower that dominates the entire exterior view of the building. Upon taking in the view visitors can then embark on a ride amidst clear waters of the San Francisco Bay.

Numerous San Francisco hotels are located near the Financial District making residing in one an ideal choice especially those travelling on business. The hotels San Francisco on offer caters to a variety of different needs and requirements ensuring all travelers of finding an option suited to their needs.

Financial District Apartments

Financial District Apartments – What Is It Like to Live in Financial District, Manhattan?

Financial District Apartments are not generally the first that anyone would think of when they are looking for rental apartments in NYC. When they think of this area they don’t really think of a neighbourly, cozy, nice area. They would generally associate it with stock brokers and Wall Street and a busy area where people go to work and only stop for lunch. However, Financial District is much more than just a place for business. There are quite a lot of people that do live in this area and it is increasingly becoming a residential area. The Financial District is below the Chambers Street in south Manhattan and is surrounded by water on all the sides.

Living Options Available

Financial District apartments are available in several different choices. Although most buildings are commercial in nature, there are several new residential highrises that are available today. The rent is a little expensive but there are several benefits since the buildings are new rather than the crummy buildings in other areas in Manhattan. A studio in one of the newer luxury buildings in the Financial District can cost close to $1900 each month. The multiple bedroom properties tend to be a little cheaper than the other parts of Manhattan. If you are looking for the cheapest possible options, then some of the smaller places located east of Broadway are worth considering. Although the area is quite safe, it does get very quiet after the office hours.

Would You Fit in?

Financial District Apartments are mostly considered by people in their 20s and their 30s with regular 9 to 5 jobs. However, there is a huge student population in the area because of the NYU dorm that is located on the Water Street. There are several tourists in the area as well that generally come to visit the 9-11 monument, Wall Street and South Street Seabord. One of the biggest advantages of living here is that the transportation facilities available are quite good. The nightlife is not really exciting since almost everything shuts down at night. However, there are a few bars that can be found east Broadway and some diners. The Fulton Street offers shopping opportunities for cheaper products and many sidewalk vendors. There is an indoor mall at South Street Seaport too and many quality retailers like Hermes and Tiffany’s.

Although the Financial District is not really a happening place and doesn’t have a great nightlife, it can be good option for those who are working in the same area and are looking for a quiet, peaceful place to live. Financial District Apartments are also newer and offer most luxuries.

Look at Style

What to Wear in San Francisco: A Look at Style in the Different Districts

What is so unique about San Francisco is the different ‘districts’ (what us locals call the different neighborhoods of SF), ranging from SOMA (South of Market), Marina, Pacific Heights, Haight, the Mission, Financial District, Noe Valley and more. Within these districts, each has its own distinctive fashion.

It’s really hard to describe San Francisco’s fashion as a whole, which led me to take a snapshot of some of the fashion styles within a few different districts. Each of the districts actually becomes defined by the different styles. What I love about SF and its fashion is that people blend trendy with creativity and their own unique style, making the fashion scene here very diverse.

SOMA, also known as South of Market, is a diverse district of warehouses, brick buildings and lofts, nightclubs, art spaces, furniture and art showrooms and tech companies. It’s a young professional demographic, and you can find tech/start-up chic hipsters sipping their coffee with their iPad every morning in ‘South Park’, a small park in SOMA with a lot of urban character.

The Financial District, also known as “FiDi,” serves as San Francisco’s main central business district. If you’re traveling to SF for business, you will most likely have meetings in this area or at least stay here as it’s very central to a number of company headquarters. A cluster of high-rise buildings mark the area which is near North Beach, Union Square (read: shopping!), and Embarcadero. While SF tends to be more casual in nature (compared to areas of New York City, for example), this is the one district of SF where a majority of men will be in suits and women in business attire.

The Marina is a very picturesque district adjacent to the municipal boat marina and borders Fort Mason, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Marina Green. The Marina is “famous” for its demographic of twenty-something to thirty-something young urban professionals and is an affluent neighborhood. The fashion in this district is more trendy – you’ll see many Louis Vuittons take the streets.

As a denizen of this great city for more than five years, here are my top tips:

* Always have a scarf – it is true that we wear scarves 320 days out of the year here.
* Wear flats – you will walk a lot in SF.
* Layers, layers, layers.
* Cross-body bag. Ultra practical for SF in a city full of iPhones, travel junkies, and more.
* A black blazer. What I love about SF is that it’s a very ‘casual chic’ city meaning that your black blazer is a perfect balance for work and a SF happy hour.

What to Pack

Here’s a look at what fashion trends bring style culture to each unique district:

SOMA – Casual chic meets hipster

Financial District – Dressy work chic

Marina – Trendy chic

Local Weather

San Francisco weather can only be described as mild and steady each season. The summer, for example, maintains an average high of 70 degrees F from June to October and an average low of 53 degrees F. Come fall, though, temps drop from October to April from a high in the low 60s to a low in the low 40s. You can be sure, though, that regardless of season, you will need to do some smart and artful layering. Though the annual weather patterns are steady, each day can bring a fluctuation in temperature that will have you grabbing for your scarf in the morning and seeking shade by the afternoon.

Rain is rare during the summer, making San Fran a great place to visit. The rest of the year sees 3 – 4 inches monthly for a total of only 63 rainy days annually.

Online Resources

* SF Indie Fashion
* The SF Style

Shopping and Designers

* Jeremys Department Store
* Ambiance

Seaport District

Boston’s Seaport District Loft Buildings

The Seaport District contains some of Boston’s most coveted luxury loft developments, such as Channel Center, FP3 Lofts, Dockside Place, & the 21 Wormwood Street Lofts. Channel Center is one of Boston’s most coveted new construction loft developments. It is located in the Seaport District, literally right over the bridge from the Financial District in Downtown Boston. There is a concierge, indoor garage parking, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Condos for sale in Channel Center typically start around $450,000 for a 1 bedroom loft. Apartment rentals typically start around $2,300/mo. for a 1 bedroom condo. Apartments for rent can go up to $6,800 in the building.

The FP3 Lofts are located in the heart of the Seaport District by the Fort Point Channel. This ultra modern new construction loft development is one of the most coveted in the Downtown Boston area. Condos for sale at FP3 start around $375,000 for a studio loft. Apartment rentals typically start around $2500. Units for rent can go up to $10,000 for a 2-bed apartment.

The Dockside Place Lofts are located on Sleeper Street in the Seaport District. Condos for sale at Dockside Place start around $449,000 for a 1 bedroom loft. Apartment rentals in the buildings typically start around $1900 for a 1 bedroom. The Seaport District is booming, and there are plans underway for new restaurants, shopping, & entertainment nearby. The Financial District is nearby, as well as public transportation. The 21 Wormwood Street lofts are located in the heart of the Seaport District. Many of the units are incredibly large, and the largest being up to over 3000 square feet. Condos for sale in the building start around $339,000 for a studio loft. Apartments for rent in the building start around $1750 for a studio.

Brickell Condominiums

The Preferred Real Estate Option Within South Florida’s Financial District: Brickell Condominiums

People that wish to be located within the heart of South Florida’s very own financial district will often turn to the selection of Brickell condominiums that are found right in the heart of the region’s financial district. If you are looking into the possibility of buying real estate in order to be closer to South Florida’s financial district, you should take the time to discover what you can gain by choosing condominiums within Brickell.

The Most Preferred Choice

Brickell condominiums have proven to be the most preferred choice for many of today’s entrepreneurs and business folks from many different parts of the world. Out of the many different options within the region, it seems that nothing beats the ease, comfort, and convenience that comes with living right along Brickell Avenue, the area that was once known as Millionaire’s Row.

These high-rise modern homes grant you more than just your typical home space as there are world-class amenities and features that are available for residents and guests to utilize within these upscale communities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and a variety of other recreational facilities.

Highly Convenient Location

Being located minutes away from Downtown Miami, people that choose to purchase condominiums with Brickell are able to make the most of their Miami experience due to the simple fact that the neighborhood is found within a highly convenient location.

Furthermore, Brickell condominiums have been known to provide stunning views of Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, South Beach, as well as the dazzling city skyline – a prime feature that not all real estate options within the region are able to provide.

Dining and Entertainment

While many who live in Miami do so in the hopes of being able to achieve success through productivity and hard work, there are those who firmly believe in the fact that all work and no play makes anyone a dull person. But that is definitely not the case for people who live in Brickell condominiums because they are easily located within close range of an excellent selection of dining and entertainment options which are sure to keep their spare time filled with lots of places to see and many things to do.

One of the main highlights is the world-famous American Airlines arena located right along Biscayne Boulevard where many major events take place throughout the year.

At the end of the day, people can look forward to a highly rewarding lifestyle that can only be made possible within the upscale community of Brickell. If you would like to find out more information about the availability of condominiums within the financial district of South Florida, you may contact a professional real estate agent for further details.